• What to watch out for when buying sofas and chairs!

    6 August at 20:41 from atlas

    Sadly we often have people coming in with problems with not so old sofas and chair that they have purchased elsewhere.  Unfortunately there are not good quality standards for imported furniture.  You would be amazed what we see come in for repairs.  One of the biggest problems is so called leather coverings that aren't leather.  They are usually a leather look vinyl that often peels.  The first thing to realise is that if you are buying a real leather sofa it will cost a few thousand as real leather is not cheap nor is good quality foams and frames.  If the sofa is under a thousand dollars you have to ask why.  It would cost most of that for one hide of leather and it would take more than one to make a sofa and then the other manufacturing costs of frames, foams and labour.  Doesn't add up!  There are a lot of tricks out there so best savvy up on what to look for. Youtube has a lot of great stories to tell about peeling sofas and chairs.  One of the biggest giveaways to fake leather is leather does not have a fabric back or saw dust looking back so open up a zip and have a look.  Don't be disappointed buy wisely!  If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. 

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