6 August at 22:11 from atlas

    Tip 1: Before you go sofa shopping think about what style and colours suit your room or your personality. Do you need to brighten your room or tone it down? Keep in mind that the amount of natural light in a room can impact on the colour of a fabric. It is always a good idea to take a fabric sample home to view in your room to see if it suits. We have often seen a client take home a sample of a fabric they loved to find they didn't love it so much at home. Also remember to imagine the fabric sample as a large piece as your sofa will be in your room. Then ask yourself is that going to be the right amount of colour for the room or too much or not enough. The attached picture shows a sofa in two different lights.  See how it can make a difference to pick the right colour for your room.  We can help you with this and provide samples for you to take home to try out. 

    Tip 2 coming soon on firm or loose fabric look.  If you don't want to miss the tips send your email address to enquiries@jaro-upholstery and let us know you want to know where to see all our tips.

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